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Tae Sung ChungTae Sung Chung, entrepreneur, founder, CEO of ... (more)
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Zeeik is the world’s first online video collection platform for collaboration. It allows people to collaborate in order to find, collect, and organize YouTube videos on any topic.

Recently, it unofficially released its redesigned website with its new feature, "Zeeik It", the ultimate YouTube clip finder (collector). You can find and collect all the YouTube videos on most Web pages, even on Twitter and Google Search. Check out this 19-sec demo of "Zeeik It".

You can embed it on your blog or website and share multiple YouTube videos at once through facebook, google +, and twitter.

(Demo) Zeeik, the YouTube Video Collection supporting collaborative editing and video recommendation

Here are some examples of embedding a Zeeik.


Zeeik is the world’s first online video collect...


Tae Sung Chung
Tae Sung Chung
entrepreneur, founder, CEO of Zeeik, a division of ComPePrice LLC